Science English 162_Fall 2004

This blog was created for my EfS 162 section 53 of Fall 2004. The purpose is to make it easier for them to post thier feedback on the new Science English 162 program as well as the online extension with the weekly activities.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Nour's feedback

Hi mrs Buthaina..
About the objectives & procedures they were clear,
the weekly internet was easy, I can not remember which
One was the most difficult.
I was intresting about making the blog & work on it & also
about learning how to use the power point. Using the yahoo
group was very good idea coz it save time for us & also to
communicate with u for necessary situation, also we can found
all info. We need and other activity as H.Ws.
The blog was very helpful, coz it is help the group member to
communicate & to show all info. That each member found which
help them to wrote their topic in correct way.
The text book is not benefit for scince coz I think it is for psycologist
but it was interesting. This is the first time I use the power point
& I learned new skills, it was interesting.
Well yes I improved my english specially the writing, speakin by
speaking with u in english all the time J & by doing presentation
& raeding. Finally, nothing to add coz every thing needed for the
course was exist & nothing to delet coz all was usfull.

Your's Nour


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