Science English 162_Fall 2004

This blog was created for my EfS 162 section 53 of Fall 2004. The purpose is to make it easier for them to post thier feedback on the new Science English 162 program as well as the online extension with the weekly activities.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Nouf`s feedback

Hi miss buthaina:

First I want to thanks miss buthaina about all thing .About my feedback i think objectives and procedures were very clear, and internet activities was very easy and this by you, I like presentation . And I think using yahoo group is very important and very useful because it help us to deal with each other in any time it help us to fastter learn .About our group-weblogs I think use it very important to easier work, about academic encounters I think if I learn thing will be little and this book not useful for since student , about power point it is very interesting and I like it and it is better ,I think during this fall 2004 I learn a lot of think specially in internet and I proved my English in reading , speaking and writing skill. Finally , thank you and all and I interested with you and all student.


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