Science English 162_Fall 2004

This blog was created for my EfS 162 section 53 of Fall 2004. The purpose is to make it easier for them to post thier feedback on the new Science English 162 program as well as the online extension with the weekly activities.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Hiba's feedback

Were the objectives and procedures of the final project clear?
Yes they were.
Q 2
Were the weekly Internet activities difficult / medium / easy?
Please indicate which one was the most difficult for you and why?
When you ask us to write about a sent site, because we don’t have the abilities as time, suitable internet connection, and energy.
Q 3
Which activity, whether online or in-class, was the most or the least inetersting for you? Why?
Online: most: a game ;) I like to play
Least: talking about a site. The reasons above
In-class: most: discussion. I like to discus and think
Least: self reviewing. I need someone to guide me.
Q 4
Do you think using a Yahoo! Group for our communication outside the classroom, was a good idea? Why?
Yes of course, because we need to practice as much as we can, and the student sometimes face a small problem which can stop his work.
Q 5
How did you like creating and using group-weblogs for your final project during this class?
It was a nice experiment and it’s easy to use in compare with other internet tools.
Do you think your blog has made your work easier and faster or not? Please explain?
Yes. The e-work is always easier and faster in creation and modification.
Q 6
Academic Encounters is the text book for the new English 162 program. How did you like it? Do you think it has helped you or could help you in your other science courses? Explain please?
It was ok, but I felt it not suitable for a science student. Personally, I need something concerned with scientific issues. The only topic that I liked was the nonverbal communication.
Q 7
Is this your first time using PowerPoint program?
Have you learned new presentation skills? Explain?
Yes, because I did my work in a new version of PowerPoint program, such as adding some movies and sounds.
Q 8
During this Fall 2004 we were unable to use a computer lab to do some Internet activities. Do you think this was one of the reasons you were unable to complete some activities from your home? Explain?
It was a critical reason, especially for those who don’t have a computer or an internet connection at home, and those who don’t have an enough knowledge to do these activities.
Q 9
Do you think this English 162 helped you improve your English? How? Please specify which one of these language skills has improved: writing / speaking / reading / listening.
Yes, all but the writing skill is the most improved one.
What would you like to see added / modified / deleted from the ONline Extension your teacher designed to help you study? Why?
It was good for me.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Nour's feedback

Hi mrs Buthaina..
About the objectives & procedures they were clear,
the weekly internet was easy, I can not remember which
One was the most difficult.
I was intresting about making the blog & work on it & also
about learning how to use the power point. Using the yahoo
group was very good idea coz it save time for us & also to
communicate with u for necessary situation, also we can found
all info. We need and other activity as H.Ws.
The blog was very helpful, coz it is help the group member to
communicate & to show all info. That each member found which
help them to wrote their topic in correct way.
The text book is not benefit for scince coz I think it is for psycologist
but it was interesting. This is the first time I use the power point
& I learned new skills, it was interesting.
Well yes I improved my english specially the writing, speakin by
speaking with u in english all the time J & by doing presentation
& raeding. Finally, nothing to add coz every thing needed for the
course was exist & nothing to delet coz all was usfull.

Your's Nour

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Nouf`s feedback

Hi miss buthaina:

First I want to thanks miss buthaina about all thing .About my feedback i think objectives and procedures were very clear, and internet activities was very easy and this by you, I like presentation . And I think using yahoo group is very important and very useful because it help us to deal with each other in any time it help us to fastter learn .About our group-weblogs I think use it very important to easier work, about academic encounters I think if I learn thing will be little and this book not useful for since student , about power point it is very interesting and I like it and it is better ,I think during this fall 2004 I learn a lot of think specially in internet and I proved my English in reading , speaking and writing skill. Finally , thank you and all and I interested with you and all student.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Hi ms Buthaina

About the feedback , I think that the objectives and procerdures of final project it was clear and the internet activity is easy , I have intersting about online (becouse it was the first time that i use it )
I like use yahoo group bec. i get iformation from it and communicate outside class.
It is good to use power point program (it is not my first time to use it) bec. its make it easy and fun .
Finally, I think this English 162 it helped me to improve my reading and writing skills .
Thank you

your student
Fatma Abdullah

Monday, January 10, 2005

Eiman's Feedback!


First I would like to thank ms Buthaina ...
About my feedback of the this semester ,I think the objectives and procedures of the final project were very clear ,the weekly Internet activities were medium ,the most inetersting activity for me was the outlining .
And I think using a Yahoo! Group for our communication outside the classroom was a very good idea because it help us too much and I like it ,and I think using blog also help us in our group to do our work easier.
I learned new presentation skills during this semester and this is the first time I use PowerPoint program, and I know now it was very easy and inetersting .
I think this English 162 helped me to improve my English specially writing and speaking .
At the end ,,I really enjoy this course with you ms Buthaina and all the student .
Eiman Boujarwah

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Dear Students,

Please go to this page:
Then, read the questionnaire. When you are ready, return to this blog to post your feedback.

I have made you all members of my blog, where you could use your username and password to log in to post your feedback directly as a new entry not a comment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

EfS 162 Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman